The words “clear” and “understandable” are rarely attributed to legal documents.  Which is a shame, because for a software company, the privacy policy and the terms of service are the most important legal structures that bind you and your users….

I love building new features.  My favorite part of a project is the brainstorming at the beginning: the optimism that our solution will be fast, intuitive, and make the user awesome at doing the task at hand.  I love to…

Trending Topics of the Technical-Communication Community

This word cloud by shows the trends from tweets tagged with #techcomm (click to see a bigger image): I love that Content Strategy is a big trend—technical communication is, after all, about creating content that is relevant and useful…

technical community locations

This map shows the locations of users who wrote the last 500 tweets on January 28th at 5:52PM Eastern, using Twitter Map. Not as distrubuted as I thought it would be!  Are you surprised?  Do you think this is an…

Five Fresh Approaches to 500 Server Error Pages

Despite your developer’s sophisticated automated tests, and your tester’s thoroughness, eventually your application will encounter something it doesn’t like and spit out an error to the user.  This page varies in ugliness depending on how your application is built: Ouch….

The State of Help Documentation Today: Totally Unsexy

First, A Little Background Like a lot of startups, Red Monocle started with a problem.  I was working on a small team of great programmers at Métier and we needed Knowledge Management (a group with numerous responsibilities) to update our end-user help documentation….