The Magic of Last Impressions

This weekend I went to a corporate holiday party on the Odyssey, a large party boat that circles the Potomac in D.C..  I enjoyed hanging out with an energetic, geeky group – but didn’t enjoy the twenty+ minute wait at the bar or the unusually loud club music.  By the time we docked and began deboarding my impression of the venue was set unfavorably.

Until I saw that the Odyssey’s staff had lined up along the boardwalk to wave goodbye to the party.  The staff had big smiles and lots of laughs, expressing that they had enjoyed our visit and wishing us a pleasant evening.  Their words were complimented by a plate of warm cookies, which they handed out to the deboarding guests.

The deboarding experience elevated my impression of the entire evening.  It’s hard for me to hold a negative opinion of a venue when the last thing I remember is pleasant words and warm cookies.

What are you doing to ensure that the last thing customers remember about you or your product is a positive one?